Accentuating [verb]

Definition of Accentuating:

focus attention on

Synonyms of Accentuating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accentuating:


Sentence/Example of Accentuating:

However, the fact is that marketers should create descriptions that help them accentuate their product pages.

The pandemic has only accentuated the divide between those on the frontlines and those who can work from home.

Some automakers didn’t like the idea of adding a device that might accentuate the fact that their products were dangerous.

The pressure to be visible at all times that’s been accentuated over the last nine months, has created an unhealthy culture in some agencies.

The look accentuated Henson’s already deep-set eyes and struck the perfect balance between a neutral and statement look.

He saw a faintly rounded ceiling, a soft yellow tint accentuating its featurelessness.

"Well, I will explain it to you," returned Gonzalo, accentuating each syllable in suppressed rage.

The pleated skirts swing slowly, the broad band of green accentuating the motion.

A hot tide of crimson made its way slowly to her brow and then receded, accentuating the clear pallor of her face.

The rare whirr and explosion of a shell only had the effect of accentuating the intervening peace.