Accentuations [noun]

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These examples, however, do little towards enabling modern scholars to form a notion of the Greek system of accentuation.

Thus out of rhythm grows very naturally an accentuation which gives balance, structure, and form.

A language is always necessary to the completion or, at least, to the accentuation of, any mental action.

The monologue requires great accentuation of the subjective element in pantomime.

The monologue is so subtle, and requires such accentuation of deep impression, that attitudes are especially necessary.

The great man, I suppose for the sake of greater impressiveness, sometimes changed the accepted accentuation of words.

Accentuation plays an important part in determining the forms of words.

But it is necessary to add a few words as regards his system of accentuation, elision, contraction, and other noteworthy points.

And gradually the earnest, immovable uniformity of accentuation is changed into a more billowing, rhythmic fluidity.

Accentuation is the stressing of the proper syllables in words.