Acceptably [adverb]

Definition of Acceptably:

appropriately, suitably

Synonyms of Acceptably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acceptably:

Sentence/Example of Acceptably:

In fact, the World Health Organization says that three feet is acceptable for social distancing.

Allowing a corporate utility to reign over our energy system with no accountability or opportunity to protect our most vulnerable is not acceptable.

Which means that putting enough of them in a car to give it an acceptable range adds a lot of mass and volume.

A growing number of psychologists, sociologists, and other behavioral specialists are looking more closely at how humans use recreation to push the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior.

Furthermore, many ad blockers do not ban ad content that meets the criteria of acceptable ads.

In an emergency an ordinary hacksaw blade may be made to serve very acceptably as a paper perforator.

Wiping and putting away the dishes is a small service which one can do often and acceptably.

Mr. Martin supports the republican party and has served acceptably as member of the school board.

In 1904 he was elected county treasurer and acceptably filled that office until 1913.

Politically Mr. Sanford is a staunch democrat and for two years he acceptably served as assessor of Columbia county.