Acceptances [noun]

Definition of Acceptances:

agreement, taking

Synonyms of Acceptances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acceptances:

Sentence/Example of Acceptances:

Colleges and universities must evaluate their acceptance procedures and cost structures.

Mental health is a serious issue, but it’s also a deeply complex one and there’s growing acceptance among leaders that it’s time businesses made mental health a priority.

On Thursday evening during his acceptance speech, the president got at stocks, but barely.

What I try to really help people with in my book, and I’m doing a course on this for the first time in September, is to help people realize that acceptance is what leads to wholeness.

In addition to other forms of community involvement, it holds monthly support group meetings with the goal of fostering understanding and acceptance within families.

Last week, high schoolers across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland received letters notifying them of how they performed in their A-levels, an important exam that often determines their acceptance to a higher education institution.

We all need to heed the lessons of this coronavirus period and make the acceptance of online education a permanent condition.

When robots take over the world, Boston Dynamics may get a special shout-out in the acceptance speech.

In order for India to reach the level of tolerance and acceptance, the mentality and the attitude of the people needs to change.

Her parents readily express their acceptance and support for their daughter’s supposed desire to have a sex change.