Acceptations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Acceptations:

Besides having parties,—one essential of a covenant in its proper acceptation, this relation with God has conditions.

The words, taken in a new acceptation, reveal the charming maladroitness of a northern barbarian kneeling before a Roman beauty.

An examination of Elizabethan writings does not conduce to the idea of the term having had a widespread acceptation.

In its most proper acceptation, theory means the completed result of philosophical induction from experience.

It need hardly be told that his open and friendly address met equally ready and cheerful acceptation from Nigel Olifaunt.

The inessentials of his passionate religion faded away in the strength and beauty of God's acceptation of his penitence.

I do not mean that all should be great, in the popular acceptation of that term.

In the most familiar acceptation, living water meant no more than running water.

The Knight seemed to prefer taking it in the latter acceptation, as he answered mildly, "I have that honor."

The Rev. Nigel Penruddock was not at all a popular preacher according to the vulgar acceptation of the term.