Acceptors [noun]

Definition of Acceptors:

person who has faith in something

Synonyms of Acceptors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acceptors:

Sentence/Example of Acceptors:

External links that aren’t protected from indexing transfer a part of a donor weight to the acceptor site.

Before the bill became due it was again discounted for Cardineaux by his banker, and Bradshaw, the acceptor, became bankrupt.

But occasionally both drawer and acceptor sign to accommodate the payee, or even a person who is not a party to the bill at all.

The person to whom a draft is directed is called the drawee or acceptor.

Why is the leading horse in a wagon-team like the acceptor of a bill?

If he assents to the order, he is then called 941 the acceptor.

The acceptor of it has not his authority increased, but he has his crime doubled.

The acceptor's mother was not a lady to take such a deception lightly.

Sometimes an acceptor does not accept in the exact terms of the draft.

If, when the bill becomes due, the acceptor does not pay it as soon as it is presented, he becomes from that moment a bankrupt.