Accepts [verb]

Definition of Accepts:

receive something given physically

Synonyms of Accepts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accepts:

Sentence/Example of Accepts:

First, they obviously make it easier to vote by mail — a more generous window for accepting ballots means fewer voters will be disenfranchised for mailing their ballots too late.

Some news publishers, including Reuters and Bloomberg, have policies against accepting political advertising.

Xiaomi accepted the proposition and doled out an investment for the startup’s angel round in 2017.

His 2018 study, co-authored with entomologists at the Washington State University bee lab, had been accepted by the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

Both decisions were early indications the nation was beginning to head into a different direction to accept.

Another reality that Nenshi and his peers in government must accept is that economic prosperity on the scale of an oil boom is basically impossible to manufacture through policy.

All the winners accepted their awards virtually in the pandemic-safe ceremony, including O’Hara, but she wasn’t alone.

Chevron appealed the fine, saying while “we fully accept — and take responsibility for — our actions,” it does not believe the spill, known as Cymric 1Y, posed a threat to human health.

Mnuchin sent Bytedance a revised terms sheet late Wednesday and the company and Oracle accepted it.

In many states, you can track your mail-in ballot online to confirm it’s en route to you and has been received by your election office and accepted.