Accessed [verb]

Definition of Accessed:

creep in

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Sentence/Example of Accessed:

Only after the agency has given the green light will a first, limited group of high-risk people be able to access the shots.

This week, BuzzFeed acquired something that has grown increasingly important to them — access to an older audience.

This means they’re given access to deep dives on topics that are not necessarily associated with their career track, and will pay either $100 per year or $15 per month to take away new insights from content that could offer a fresh perspective.

There will be no awards ceremony this year, no access to the schools where the race starts and finishes and no shuttle service to and from parking lots.

These challenges are compounded by the fact that many households across New York City still lack remote learning devices, access to WiFi, cellular data service, or adequate technological support needed for successful remote engagement.

As such, PlayStation Plus members can access 180 tip videos without exiting the game, as part of PlayStation 5’s new UI.

The more data that media companies have access to, the more they can tweak their channels to increase viewership.

In addition, much of the reporting that is supported by nonprofit or philanthropies is also kept in front of the paywall so that the greatest number of people can access it.

Shop, they will have access to a total of 80 different shops, which will be rolled out daily over the course of the next six weeks ahead of the holiday season.

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