Accessions [noun]

Definition of Accessions:

something that augments, adds to

Synonyms of Accessions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accessions:

Sentence/Example of Accessions:

Six weeks after the victory of Zurich came the 18th Brumaire, and Napoleon's accession to the consulate.

It was not till the accession of the July monarchy that the Duke of Treviso once again played a prominent part.

A violent reaction took place on the accession of Decius, whose name became an object of execration to mankind.

Ruined by the Revolution, he had regained his properties and income on the accession of the Bourbons.

His accession to the throne was opposed by the archduke of Austria, and gave rise to one of the most bloody wars on record.

The primatial see of Armagh was vacant at the accession of Elizabeth, and remained so until 1563.

On the accession of Sir Robert Peel to office he was embarrassed with great financial difficulties.

Since these sheets were in type the materials for the study of ancient Greek music have received a notable accession.

Elizabeth, on her accession, found that immediate reform was imperative in almost every department of state.

On the contrary, I avow that that has caused the greatest possible accession to the ranks of the free traders.