Accidences [noun]

Definition of Accidences:

language rules

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Sentence/Example of Accidences:

Accidence: This has been sufficiently described in the texts mentioned above.

Inconsistent punctuation in subheaders (Accidence: and similar) has been silently regularized.

It is supposed that during this time he wrote his valuable little book called The Accidence.

Theoretical, being confined to certain grammatical rules of accidence and syntax and practically excluding vocabulary.

(c) Accidence and etymology, which teaches us the nature of inflected forms and derivatives, and also how to use them.

Poor boy, the check to his studies disappointed him, and he spent every leisure moment over his Latin accidence or in reading.

I should catch myself learning the Latin accidence, or playing at marbles.

But he also wrote a Latin grammar of his own, Cheever's Accidence, which had unvarying popularity for over a century.

Doubtless many who would have learned the Latin accidence, and repeated the breviary, became useful mechanics.

Poor Patty took out her Ladies' Accidence, and turned over the leaves.