Accidents [noun]

Definition of Accidents:

unexpected, undesirable event; often physically injurious

Synonyms of Accidents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accidents:

Sentence/Example of Accidents:

She said any liability for possible accidents would be on the gym or coaches, not the school or district.

The FAA has tentatively approved multiple design changes to prevent such an accident in the future and the plane could be certified to resume operations in the fall.

This means that I would have a five percent chance of finding a difference that size by accident alone.

The most important accident, I discovered much later, was that I built Frog Fractions in chronological order, and I designed each scene to follow naturally from the previous ones.

This pot comes in a few different sizes and includes easy-to-grip, safe handles to prevent any accidents or messes.

Sarah Tinoco, like me, first found herself eating out by accident.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for urban coyotes.

In the early weeks of the lockdown, traffic accidents, injuries and deaths dropped.

There are always forces trying to do enclosures, and moral economies don’t appear by accident.

These could include victims of auto accidents, appendicitis patients, cancer cases needing surgery or pregnant women with difficult deliveries.