Acclamations [noun]

Definition of Acclamations:

enthusiastic expression of approval

Synonyms of Acclamations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acclamations:

Sentence/Example of Acclamations:

We had an extended acclamation period because of the lack of time on the field during the offseason.

By acclamation, it was the best moment for Pence in a 2016 debate that he won decisively.

The short hours achieved with acclamation to-day will later be denounced as the long hours of to-morrow.

The most extraordinary and despotic measures were adopted by acclamation to meet the fearful emergency.

Jane had the sense of being led towards some unaccountable triumph and acclamation.

He went across the great water to the east, and was there received with acclamation as a visitor from the New World.

Upon the deposition of Octavius the agrarian law of Gracchus was immediately passed by acclamation.

It was voted by acclamation, that Hippopotamus was agreeable to the company.

The speech of Falconius was enforced by a general acclamation.

Is it to be wondered at, that France should have abolished them by acclamation?