Acclimated [verb]

Definition of Acclimated:

make or become adjusted, adapted

Synonyms of Acclimated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acclimated:


Sentence/Example of Acclimated:

Tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Cameron Brate combined for 10 catches for 140 yards in the first meeting, but that was before Brown had really acclimated to the offense.

That not only helps people get acclimated at the job, it also could keep them there for a longer time.

Graham has appeared in two games, totaling 14 minutes, and Friday’s matchup could give him a chance to record more playing time while acclimating to the college game in a lower-stakes setting.

We hadnt had fried eggs at every turn in the West Indies for nothing, our stomachs were becoming acclimated.

They have become so acclimated that they can stand the cold, while the dwellers of the plain are compelled to flee before it.

Those cultivated so extensively in Europe were natives of Persia—showing that they may be acclimated far from their native home.

It's rather young to be acclimated to French novels, is it not?

With us the carrier pigeon is an exotic, and is now acclimated, or naturalized.

But no one desired them, for after once getting acclimated to pipes, cigars are of a secondary consideration.

They first employed the Italian hendecasyllable, although it did not become acclimated till the days of Boscn.