Acclimates [verb]

Definition of Acclimates:

make or become adjusted, adapted

Synonyms of Acclimates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acclimates:


Sentence/Example of Acclimates:

Gail hated the routine and its risks, but she slowly acclimated.

He remembers playing fast and frantically as a 16-year-old in the Israeli league, trying to speed up his development all while acclimating to a game that was played at a higher level than anything he had experienced before.

From camera trap to petri dish, the evidence suggests wild pandas have stumbled onto an environmental resource that acts as a sort of analgesic against the cold, perhaps helping them acclimate to winter, the researchers conclude.

Alternatively, the reptiles’ bodies could have changed in some way to acclimate to the colder temperatures.

Give yourself time to acclimate to a hot environment, and try workouts in the early morning or evening rather than when temperatures are at their peak.

So now, they argued, it would in time acclimate itself to more rigorous temperatures.

So fast will Nature acclimate her sons, Though late returning to her pristine ways.

Persistent efforts have been made to acclimate both Heather and Gorse in America.

It may take a year or two to acclimate them to this more equable and more refreshing temperature.

They had learned to appreciate their skill in the arts, and resolved to acclimate those arts at home.