Acclimation [noun]

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In general the tribute of acclimation is not so soon paid by emigrants in Lima as in other tropical regions.

This gradual adaptation to circumstances by an accommodating power is termed, in philosophical language, acclimation.

His breath came faster, and his great chest rose and fell; these were the only indications of acclimation.

Propagation by seeds, then, is an inconvenient method, only to be resorted to for purposes of acclimation.

The location being so central, it insures the nearest approach to perfect acclimation of animals sent to any part of the Union.

It was, I suppose, the acclimation to which we were being subjected.

We decided it's just a part of acclimation to—we call this planet Lucifer.

During a week unmeasurably long in retrospect, all six of the party had found the ease and sureness of physical acclimation.

These classifications are modified somewhat by seasonal or laboratory acclimation or by the physiological state of the animal.

Extreme hazard of life, in all cases, was to be encountered in the process of acclimation.