Acclimatized [verb]

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It’s also something as basic as going 14 days without fresh air and not getting a chance to acclimatize to Melbourne’s summer heat for those coming from the Northern Hemisphere.

At present an attempt is being made to acclimatize several species of Eucalyptus in the low hills.

Another author found that, in Scandinavia, plants of the same species can acclimatize themselves if necessary.

Attempts to acclimatize the Arab horse and to introduce sheep from Aden and China have failed.

Attempts have been made to acclimatize it in Europe, but so far without success.

The belief that the eating of onions will acclimatize a traveller seems not uncommon in Eastern countries.

The efforts to acclimatize food fishes in waters to which they are not indigenous have been continued.

Important, also, is its adaptability to varied conditions, as shown by former attempts to acclimatize it.

These poor Londoners, trying to acclimatize themselves, amused him greatly.

In England more than one attempt to acclimatize the doctrines of Marr and Treitschke has been made.