Acclivities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Acclivities:

During the entire fight the enemy held the slight wooded acclivity beyond.

The traveller then threads his way up the acclivity, amidst stupendous masses of rock, until he reaches the lofty ridge.

The last division of acclivity is called by the natives the Antarangra (copper rock).

So, mile upon mile went by and at last shortly after mid-day I walked my horse up the long acclivity that led to my trading store.

Rainbarrow had again become blended with night when Wildeve ascended the long acclivity at its base.

From the dazzling Boulevard the cab soon wound through dim thoroughfares, up a deserted acclivity, to a gloomy porch.

Valenciennes stretches down a gentle acclivity into the level plain, being built on a site as strong as it is delightful.

On one hand it was soon bounded by the acclivity of the hill, while the lake, on the other, served as a guide.

After toiling up the steep acclivity for nearly two hours, they arrive at a point where the tall timber abruptly ends.

There were steps cut in the forbidding acclivity and on a platform far above were traces of ruined buildings.