Accommodates [verb]

Definition of Accommodates:

make room, lodging available

Synonyms of Accommodates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accommodates:

Sentence/Example of Accommodates:

But see the beauty of high blood: with what a calm grace the man of family accommodates himself to fortune.

“The wise man cannot lie,” because nature accommodates herself to his statement.

Really it is wonderful to see how beautifully human nature accommodates itself to anything, even to the listening to essays.

The chief building accommodates eighty travellers, with stabling and storerooms.

The town-bred man more readily accommodates himself to the conditions of life there.

The badger gone, he takes possession, enlarges, and accommodates it for his own purpose.

There is a pretty house looking like a hotel, an apartment house,—very moderate since it only accommodates three families.

The point at which this usually commences is at the bottom of the depression that accommodates the ridge on the bone.

There is, however, a brisk shipping trade at Alloa, where the dock accommodates vessels of at least 300 tons.

We have to assume that each player plays the best possible; not that one accommodates the other.