Accommodatingly [adverb]

Definition of Accommodatingly:


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Sentence/Example of Accommodatingly:

I waited until you accommodatingly evolved the plan to reconquer the world, and put it into effect.

So Jupiter accommodatingly changes places with the girl-child, who is thus next to me.

By this hour the breeze is accommodatingly from the sea, and the fleet runs home with flowing sheets.

Henrietta scrouged down at my feet, and I fearingly, but accommodatingly, accepted the other twin.

Had not the brakeman accommodatingly told her so right in her very own ear?

"Well, I don't think there's been one seen for a good many years," replied the other, accommodatingly.

That perhaps accounts for their growing accommodatingly below the limit of deep snows, grouped sombrely on the valley-ward slopes.

Mr. Probert lowered his book accommodatingly and rested his eyes on the fire.

The officers of the law accommodatingly indicated the right Negroes, and the mob dragged them out.

Sufficiently encouraged, it will accommodatingly build almost anywhere.