Accompanied [verb]

Definition of Accompanied:

go or be with something

Synonyms of Accompanied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accompanied:

Sentence/Example of Accompanied:

Unlike many other iOS releases, this release was not accompanied by updates to all of the company's other operating systems.

Minors accompanied by adults are still allowed to shop and dine in the area.

At a meeting of the House health committee in late August, lawmakers again grilled Neall and Schrader, who accompanied him.

A trio of buttery grilled prawns are accompanied by a green sauce made creamy with sweetened condensed milk, electric with lime juice and tropical with lime leaf.

Such outcomes are accompanied with data that’s measurable, even if the social changes are not—such as reducing workers’ frustration from spending less time waiting for an office elevator.

The raptor, which most likely accompanied the tree in its 170-mile journey to Manhattan, is the smallest of its kind living in the Northeast.

Within a week of arriving, Garcia accompanied his aunt and uncle to the factory where they worked making auto parts.

The dire warnings are accompanying an array of recent restrictions on social and economic activity as officials look for ways to blunt the virus’s spread.

In a statement accompanying his resignation, Clarkson said he ceased his messages to her at that time.

There are additional negatives that may accompany social media usage, even without the intent of activism.