Accompanies [verb]

Definition of Accompanies:

go or be with something

Synonyms of Accompanies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accompanies:

Sentence/Example of Accompanies:

Camero’s invention was born of necessity, when he first came to the United States in 1946 to accompany a Cuban dance team, Carmen and Rolando.

In front of the work, I was freed from the pressure that usually accompanied such a sight.

Nonetheless, they figured it out in time to dispatch one of their biggest threats in the Pac-12 South and delayed the gloom-and-doom grumbling that usually accompanies Southern Cal’s first loss of the season.

An extreme example of “fake” fatigue is the exhaustion that accompanies depression.

Despair was not usually accompanied by depression, though depressed participants typically reported experiencing indicators of despair, such as being lonely.

Georgetown’s chief investment officer, Michael Barry, in February also cited the “volatile range of financial outcomes” that accompany investing in oil and gas companies.

Unresolved grief accompanies loss of every kind, from the loss associated with a personal failure to an organizational loss in a merger and acquisition.

It may well be accompanied by widespread civil disturbances, serious economic turmoil, and potentially a constitutional crisis.

In a commentary accompanying the research, Jean-Antoine Girault of Sorbonne University in Paris made a final, intriguing observation.

We can better accompany our foods by listening as they go through these changes, because in the same way, they have accompanied us as we experience change in our daily lives.