Accompanists [noun]

Definition of Accompanists:

person who can carry a tune

Synonyms of Accompanists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accompanists:


Sentence/Example of Accompanists:

The art of conducting goes frequently with that of accompanying, and he was an excellent accompanist.

"I never thought of that; I could have judged better of your voice if we had had an accompanist," said her host.

She was the best accompanist he had ever had, and an extremely nice girl—not a bit like her cub of a brother.

He used to be good enough to work with me when I could not afford to have an accompanist for more than two hours a day.

The star accompanist aspires to the same mastery when he plays for a famous singer or instrumentalist.

He had sung a trifle sharp, and she, like a perfect accompanist, had brought him back to the key.

She hopes to train herself for an accompanist, and for a teacher.

If his accompanist at the piano knew the air, all very well and good; if not, 'Old Bob sang it without the music.

I hum over my new rles with my accompanist, Frank La Forge, and study them in that way.

The accompanist came in and sat at the piano, being immediately followed by a young lady I remembered seeing in Richetti's rooms.