Accomplices [noun]

Definition of Accomplices:

helper, especially in committing a crime

Synonyms of Accomplices:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accomplices:

Sentence/Example of Accomplices:

Cowper defended himself and those who were said to be his accomplices with admirable ability and self possession.

Christophe answered that he could not state a thing of which he had no knowledge, or give himself accomplices when he had none.

In his coupé there sat an American man and his wife and a German friend, and they were accused of being his accomplices.

But he liked to choose his accomplices, and the gay sparks of the senior day-room did not appeal to him.

I command you instantly to point out any other accomplices in this villainous fraud.

Some other persons, who were accused of being accomplices in this crime, were put to death.

The first interview between the accomplices took place at the Hotel du Louvre.

Perhaps he thinks his pursuers are some of his old accomplices, who, being starved, want a piece of his cake.

It is unlikely that anyone else in the village outside of myself and Green and his accomplices know about it.

They wished to verify their suspicion that Arsne Lupin was in communication with his accomplices outside of the prison.