Accomplishes [verb]

Definition of Accomplishes:

succeed in doing

Synonyms of Accomplishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accomplishes:

Sentence/Example of Accomplishes:

Whether it is or not, it accomplishes admirably the purpose of its author, to fix in beautiful verse the former life of the Rhone.

This extraordinary feat she accomplishes in a seeming trance.

He accomplishes his diurnal revolution in less than ten hours!

She chooses alone, and she accomplishes all that has been accomplished for others by cultivated ancestors.

What fire superiority accomplishes; psychological moment for charge determined by tactical instinct.

All the same, the Law accomplishes this much, that it will outwardly at least and to a certain extent repress vice and crime.

There is nothing that accomplishes a Man so much as travelling; judge you of this by the Life which I lead here.

By overleaping those narrow bounds, he more effectually seizes the whole mind, and more powerfully accomplishes his purpose.

We may add likewise to the credit of ornaments, that it is by their means that art itself accomplishes its purpose.

It accomplishes emancipation in every one of the slave States.