Accomplishments [noun]

Definition of Accomplishments:

something successfully done, completed

Synonyms of Accomplishments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accomplishments:

Sentence/Example of Accomplishments:

Miss Anne went on to talk of Jean, a miraculous infant of infinite graces and accomplishments.

Madame Roland, among her other innumerable accomplishments, had acquired no little skill in the science of medicine.

However, Elizabeth evidently made progress in accomplishments, and was taught drawing, as well as music and dancing.

Her talents, her accomplishments, her fascinating conversational eloquence, had spread her renown widely through Europe.

This, whilst one of the most difficult accomplishments to attain, is the surest mark of a lady.

First upon the list of accomplishments, comes the art of conversing well.

The next subject upon the list of accomplishments, should be filled by some words upon fancy sewing.

I would back the intelligence against the accomplishments any day, said Hester, sagely.

And Corydon was morbidly aware of her own lack of accomplishments, and acutely sensitive as to what others thought about her.

But let my children never have an idea of learning accomplishments, for they can never be useful to them.