Accordances [noun]

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A spokesperson for the Office of Children’s Services, formerly called DFYS, wrote in an email that Stewart’s files have been destroyed in accordance with policies from that time.

In those instances, MTS reports that it holds onto footage indefinitely in accordance with state law encouraging footage to be retained for at least two years.

Another interesting point to note is that the Chalcidian types were often made in customized batches, in accordance with the need of the wearers.

The trouble is that I had mapped out my production roughly in accordance with that.

Now in accordance with the feudal norms, the realm was divided into estates and smaller fiefs, with these parcels of lands being governed by the lords and the knights.

Gold may be substituted for rediscounts and rediscounts for gold, in accordance with the requirements of the reserve bank.

In accordance with that statement, he had decided that on the next day his son should be formally "invested" with the top-knot.

The rest of the colonists were, in accordance with their own desire, to be carried to Virginia.

If a company has no debts, a reduction in its capital made in an open manner in accordance with law, is legal.

As the train entered the Big Tunnel, near this place, in accordance with the usual custom a lamp was lit.