Accorded [verb]

Definition of Accorded:

give approval, grant

Synonyms of Accorded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accorded:

Sentence/Example of Accorded:

Consideration of future generations and the shared desire to leave behind a livable planet for them helped inspire international collaboration on the accord — championed in large part by members of those future generations.

He received the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize for his international work, including the accords.

Democrats and Republicans since then have found rare accord in challenging preeminent digital firms over their ever-expanding footprints and the consequences they pose.

A deal is not required to bring students into classrooms — the groups have come close to reaching an accord multiple times — but an agreement would make it more likely that teachers would willingly return.

Before 2020, the United States had fallen badly behind its targets under the accord.

Some indigenous communities weren’t even warned about the impending storm, and were forced to evacuate of their own accord at the last minute as it became clear that this was not a standard storm they could weather in their homes.

A still more signal triumph to American ingenuity was accorded on Thursday.

He was well entitled to the Resolution of cordial thanks which the associated companies accorded to him.

That timid matron, overcome by the honour accorded her, sat on the edge of her chair, cup in hand.

The old woman rubbed her own hand on her apron, an honor usually accorded only to the preacher, and held it out.