Accordions [noun]

Definition of Accordions:

musical instrument

Synonyms of Accordions:

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Sentence/Example of Accordions:

A brief history of court packingIn the Civil War era, the court expanded and shrank like an accordion.

A sailor, who had brought an accordion with him, was playing "While the North Sea roars," and other popular airs.

The proprietor, being angry, rescued the accordion roughly; whereupon Anne pouted and cast appealing glances on her friends.

However, Muriel in her salmon-coloured, accordion-pleated frock bowled Michael off his superior pedestal.

It seemed to have been pleated and shoved together like an accordion.

Poor Mr. Nicholson had bought an accordion, which he amused himself in the long evenings with playing.

Vandeleur is snorting like a steam calliope in bad repair, and I am breathing with the jerky movement of an overworked accordion.

The table continues to shake, to strike the floor with redoubled strokes, and the accordion is thrown upon the table.

I tried the experiment in another way, by holding the accordion myself, and not letting it be touched by the medium.

The medium is seen holding the accordion with one hand in a kind of open-work cage, and the accordion is playing by itself.