Accords [noun]

Definition of Accords:

agreement, mutual understanding (often written)

Synonyms of Accords:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accords:

Sentence/Example of Accords:

They agreed to authorize subpoenas in early October that lawmakers never had to send after the three tech executives agreed to appear on their own accord.

The so-called deadline for a stimulus accord came and went yesterday with no deal, and yet Nancy Pelosi remains “optimistic.”

He noted that singling out patterns of misconduct among officers could potentially lend itself to the “rotten apple” theory — the idea that there are a few bad cops who misbehave of their own accord.

Then, with one accord, they all rose and began to steer their way around the furniture toward the hall, Goliath following.

I always try to do the right thing, but, anyway, these arms and hands would do good of their own accord.

I watched over you till you recovered consciousness of your own accord, and now—now I am here to guide you safely back to the inn.

About a week later, Edward had a communication from Bruce expressing a strong desire for accord and amity.

A few days ago I was lunching with Ostrovsky, and he proposed, entirely of his own accord, to write a libretto for me.

He is a believer in fair play and seldom starts out of his own accord to make anyone trouble.

Electric light was installed, but not a single fitting was out of accord with the age of the building.