Accosted [verb]

Definition of Accosted:

approach for conversation or solicitation

Synonyms of Accosted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accosted:

Sentence/Example of Accosted:

It was not the first time by several he had thus accosted her; and to give her her due, she was always civil to him.

It was the man with the bluish cheek scar who had accosted him after the triple-killing in that office building.

It sometimes happened during our journey that I was accosted by some one or other when unobserved, in places where we stopped.

We accosted the friend, feeling instinctively that she was framed of softer stuff, and asked her if the path were a private one.

No sooner were we inside the railings than Mr. Kipling was accosted by a military policeman.

I accosted her without hesitation, as if I had known her for the last ten years.

Half a dozen men accosted him as he moved through the aisle, but he shook them off angrily.

But had they accosted him with an offer of service, they would have no more known Aladdin.

I was accosted at the station by a number of wounded English soldiers.

He, however, accosted him fiercely by demanding what brought him to England.