Accosting [verb]

Definition of Accosting:

approach for conversation or solicitation

Synonyms of Accosting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accosting:

Sentence/Example of Accosting:

Yet how painful not to be allowed to call at a single house, or to accost a single person we met.

Toward noon a single man ventured out into the road to accost the cowboy.

Doubtless it never entered the Captain's head that any peasant would accost him about such a trifle as the ruin of his daughter.

He pretends to come out quite by accident, and will express great surprise when I accost him in the way I intend.

As I moved away, I saw one of the gamblers approach and accost him; then another of them; then the third.

I examined him two or three times with irresolute glances, as we passed upon the stairs, before I would venture to accost him.

Once he had the effrontery to accost me as I stood facing the green board on which the telegrams are exposed.

For if you chance upon a man whom you have not met for some time, you can never be quite sure how to accost him.

I am frightened at every footstep, and dread lest anybody who knows me should accost me, and find out why I am here.

My beadle was much too busy and important to allow me a good opportunity to accost him till the piece was over.