Accosts [verb]

Definition of Accosts:

approach for conversation or solicitation

Synonyms of Accosts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accosts:

Sentence/Example of Accosts:

In Spain, when a mendicant meets a brother beggar, he thus accosts him: "Has your courtesy taken chocolate?"

Falsehood moves about in white robes and innocently accosts us in the dress of a white lie.

Achates first accosts Aeneas: 'Goddess-born, what purpose now rises in thy spirit?

Meanwhile the King of Heaven's omnipotence accosts Juno as she gazes on the battle from a sunlit cloud.

Antiphon approaches Socrates in hope of drawing away his associates, and in their presence thus accosts him.

She is trying to think whether it is dreadful to her or not, when a kind voice accosts her.

Mrs. S and daughter turn to leave store when reporter accosts them and hands them her card.

Now and then, a little girl or boy, accosts an Englishman in a plaintive tone; but it is merely for the sake of gaping at him.

He is turning away in baffled disappointment, when the little host again accosts him.

Everyone who accosts us asks for whisky, which seems to be scarce.