Accouchements [noun]

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The accouchement of women was intrusted in many cases to the care of educated men, who contributed not a little to the art.

They are particularly ill-treated at the period of their accouchement.

She must continue to observe many precautions until her accouchement is completed.

Par quel horrible accouchement la terre les a-t-elle soulevs hors de ses entrailles?'

It would have been inhuman in the Shelleys to decline to shelter Claire during her accouchement.

Only the woman's nearest relations are allowed to be present at the accouchement, for which she assumes a sitting position.

About three weeks after her secret accouchement, Julia became the wife of Frank Sydney.

In about two days after the accouchement, the horde proceeded on their journey, as if nothing had happened.

Apart from this, menstruation and accouchement constitute the only exceptions based on physiology.

Whenever the time of her accouchement approaches, she never fails to bid her friends adieu, in the notion that she will die.