Accountant [noun]

Definition of Accountant:

person who maintains financial accounts of a business

Synonyms of Accountant:

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Sentence/Example of Accountant:

Even hiring an accountant to pull together the paperwork to apply for a break on his $1,200 rent from the building’s management costs several hundred dollars that he doesn’t have.

One of his more charming performances was as Saajan, an older accountant nearing retirement in The Lunchbox.

The contact number listed on the group’s tax forms belongs to its accountant, Robert Watkins, who did not return a message requesting comment.

Ash had always gotten good grades and was on track to become a chartered accountant, a far more stable occupation in a country where esports is an alien concept.

Scores of lawyers and accountants investigate the potential nominees, Brazile says, and once it was down to three candidates, the top campaign staff weighed in.

There was another personality that loomed large, in those years, on the Midland—Samuel Swarbrick, the accountant.

Paul de Gery knew this through Joyeuse, who was now a stock-broker's accountant and well up in the doings on the Bourse.

The accountant-general acts as a piece of machinery would act.

What has preceded shows how simple, unobtrusive, passive is the part played by the accountant-general.

They would need the best accountant they could find for the quick work they had promised Braceway.