Accountings [noun]

Definition of Accountings:

keeping financial accounts

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Sentence/Example of Accountings:

Instead, The Post has tried to create an accounting of these payments, one receipt at a time, using public-records requests and lawsuits.

Another layer of complexity is added by recent adoption of the “current expected credit losses” accounting standard, under which banks must estimate losses for the whole life of a loan.

Yet the state’s justice courts are excluded from this requirement, making a complete accounting of debt lawsuits impossible unless the state’s 803 justice courts choose to make their records public.

A full accounting, implying a perfect prediction, would demand an infinite number of diagrams.

That means people who specialize in civil rights law, auditing and accounting, and encryption security.

Such accounting would have to appear on her record of cash telegrams accepted.

So popular and so ungovernable was the habit, that there is hardly any rational means to be found for accounting for it.

They paid each other's bills without any accounting and there was never any friction, until now.

In my interview you'd better lay great stress on the imperative need for a uniform accounting law for county officials.

There is no accounting for the freaks of these military Americanos, so I went to my bed.