Accounts [noun]

Definition of Accounts:

written description of past events

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Sentence/Example of Accounts:

The dormant accounts most of the banks maintain with the reserve bank are, perhaps, indicative of their attitude toward it.

The occasion should be seized also to increase the balances of depositors who carry unprofitable accounts.

It was never the intention of the Federal Reserve Act that member banks should continue the maintenance of these reserve accounts.

From accounts preserved of the sums expended at sundry public feasts at Coventry (Anno 1452 to 1464) we find that 2s.

You have borrowed, as these accounts will show, thousands of pounds, and paid them back with promises and words.

The board will appoint a settling agent who shall keep the necessary records and accounts.

It provides for half-yearly accounts, and is the form which has been familiar to shareholders for many years.

Dr. Wilson says, in the statistical accounts of Scotland, many of which are suggestive of a pre-Raleigh period.

It has two hundred brethren, and every year twelve of these are chosen, who are called “brethren of the bureau of accounts.”

I being, he considered, the more prudent in money matters, kept our lodging accounts and paid the bills.