Accredited [adjective]

Definition of Accredited:

officially recognized

Synonyms of Accredited:

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Sentence/Example of Accredited:

The poll, conducted online by College Reaction for Axios October 6-7 among 872 college students at accredited four-year universities, was specific in its wording.

Violation of the immunity due to those who come with this mission, duly accredited, in the form prescribed by international law.

The freckle-faced girl began systematically to fill up the hollow with which she was accredited.

“‘Choose what you want and pay for it,’ is the advice of some accredited sage,” Hadria observed.

But there is a resemblance, and the types are often identical, though the accredited interpretation varies.

The unfortunate woman wished to find a dingue first and be accredited with the discovery.

Negotiation on these points was entrusted to Talleyrand who was to accompany Chauvelin, the accredited ambassador, to England.

Just then the accredited minstrel of the yachtsmen stood up, balancing himself in a tender.

In breathless silence those accredited to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders were counted.

The same conversions which accredited the power of the message accredited the character of him who bore it.