Accrediting [verb]

Definition of Accrediting:

attribute responsibility or achievement

Synonyms of Accrediting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accrediting:

Sentence/Example of Accrediting:

They would neither be required to be accredited nor report student results.

The president then made a recess appointment, and I went to my post fully accredited.

Like any health care professional degree, ours is externally accredited through the National Accreditation Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

The site also asks whether or not the would-be investor is accredited—a distinction that is determined by a person’s net wealth and that can limit the types of investments they are eligible to make.

Amid this maneuvering, deans of the state’s American Bar Association-accredited law schools recently threw their support behind their recent graduates being granted immediate licensure without passing the bar exam, as is normally required.

The most obvious and palpable facts discredit these Judaists and accredit me.

An absolute criterion of truth must at once accredit itself, as well as other things.

Those who have grown it in the several grape districts of New York accredit the vines with about all the faults a grape can have.

But the doctor being himself in an unusually amiable attitude, was inclined to accredit others with a like share of good temper.

He hopelessly began to accredit to Divinity the measure of his own fallibility.