Accrued [verb]

Definition of Accrued:

increase by addition or growth, often financial

Synonyms of Accrued:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accrued:

Sentence/Example of Accrued:

By maintaining one page that you update on a yearly basis, you open up the ability to accrue links year-over-year rather than needing to “reset” with each new year, ultimately saving you a lot of time and resources.

When the WEF annual meeting convenes in May next year, Singapore will have accrued months of experience in managing pandemic-era travel, likely while maintaining low infection rates.

Cumulatively, the affiliate content accrued more than 3 million views over Cyber Week.

Cities control the local roadside and passthrough streets and the revenue accrued through parking solutions.

They accrued significant goodwill along the way, but also suffered high-profile defeats in the last two postseasons.

Many states also implement preference point systems where applicants accrue points each year they apply—it may take years of applications to obtain a particularly coveted license.

That event was not likely to happen; for, since the grant had been made, a new arrear of tithes had accrued.

That week she sent me two hundred dollars, which paid our board-bill and debts accrued on telephone, telegraph and cable messages.

Give them five thousand dollars and draw a year's interest for yourself out of my interest that has accrued.

More reputation for this sort of knowledge accrued to Mr. Cooper from Precaution than from his subsequent real work on England.