Accruements [noun]

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Since these benefits could start accruing a few weeks after residents in a facility are fully immunized, “I would recommend the vaccine for a 97-year-old with significant dementia,” Uy said.

The heat produced by infrared light is less damaging than heat produced by coils because it dries the hair from the inside out, protecting the layers that have accrued the most damage.

It’s still a pretty legitimate debate whether President Sears was a “good guy,” but it’s without doubt that the man had intentions beyond himself or the power he can accrue.

One of the Nationals’ acquisition tenets is to accrue talent up the middle and let it fan out from there.

Additionally, the company will miss out on the fees it normally accrues.

Typically, players become arbitration-eligible by accruing three-plus years of major league service time.