Accrues [verb]

Definition of Accrues:

increase by addition or growth, often financial

Synonyms of Accrues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accrues:

Sentence/Example of Accrues:

Any additional time off would come out of his accrued sick and vacation time, he was told.

It sought, unsuccessfully, to reduce nurses’ accrued vacation time and to cut pension benefits for all employees who didn’t work full time.

Over at Palantir, which we have covered extensively the past few weeks, the company is even more of an outlier, with large-contract government sales that accrue over many years.

The order also does not prevent landlords from charging fees or accruing interest, if those are included under the renter’s lease.

Subscription services, however, retained almost three-quarters of the extra viewing they had accrued over lockdown.

From this time, by the help of these machines, immense and incalculable riches will accrue to the nation.

Other cases may occur, in which great advantage would accrue, if the principle were once admitted.

No possible benefit could accrue to Sylvia from a disclosure of his suspicion that he had borne the letter to her grandfather.

His excellency also referred to the advantages which would accrue from the establishment of an agricultural society.

The only gain that would accrue from his confession would be, he considered, a subjective gain to himself.