Acculturations [noun]

Definition of Acculturations:

adjustment to culture

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Sentence/Example of Acculturations:

Acculturation by borrowing has played an important rle in the development of North American Indian ideas and institutions.

There are numerous other illustrations of this so-called "piratical acculturation" among the observations of ethnologists.

It took a lot of taming, or acculturation, for sex to become an intimate affair.

The ethnologists have investigated the process among primitive peoples under the title acculturation.

Among historical peoples, on the other hand, acculturation has been called assimilation.

The history of acculturation—the effect of the presence of civilization upon savagery.

This is part of the broader process of acculturation-that is, breaking through experiences of language.

Communication requires a shared substratum, which is established in an acculturation process that takes many generations.

In the years to come, this aspect will dominate the entire effort of the acculturation of the digital.

Here is one possible scenario: Students approach centers of interactive education after the initial phase of acculturation.