Accumulated [verb]

Definition of Accumulated:

gather or amass something

Opposite/Antonyms of Accumulated:

Sentence/Example of Accumulated:

If you want to try this method, I’d suggest you carry a pack of tissues with you so you can replace the one inside your mask as necessary, as moisture can accumulate and dampen it.

Infections were accumulating so fast in the trial that Moderna’s analysis ended up being based on 95 cases, the company said.

Not to mention, it takes time to accumulate domain authority.

This afternoon, we’ll be left with some drizzle, and perhaps a shower or two but the accumulating rainfall is mostly over.

Since the turn of the millennium, only two teams10 have lifted the Premier League trophy after accumulating 81 points or fewer.

While this required accumulating and freezing blood samples from people living all over the world, existing modes of cold storage were either too expensive — in the case of dry ice and freeze drying — or unreliable — in the case of wet ice.

Glaciers are constantly in motion, flowing outward under the pressure of accumulated snow that compresses into glacial ice.

Carefully tilt the duck over a medium bowl to drain any accumulated juices inside the cavity, then transfer to a cutting board and let it rest while you finish cooking everything else on the pan.

Sewage is bad, but it’s still organic and it doesn’t accumulate to have a toxic effect, he said.

Some people, said Ansolabehere, had likely misidentified themselves as ineligible to vote in the 2008 study by mistake—perhaps out of sloppiness, misunderstanding, or just the rush to accumulate points for gift cards.