Accumulates [verb]

Definition of Accumulates:

gather or amass something

Opposite/Antonyms of Accumulates:

Sentence/Example of Accumulates:

It has been shown by Chevandrier, that an acre of land under beech wood accumulates annually about 1650 lb.

If by chance the detritus accumulates rapidly, the slope is steepened and the work of the torrent made more efficient.

By individual thrift Society accumulates, and it is wise to encourage thrift.

It crowds the hours, and accumulates until often discouragement and nervous exhaustion follow.

Its increasing independence of the ostensible career makes it the organ of corrective criticism; it accumulates disturbing energy.

It is a part through the sorrow of life, growing out of its events, that this basis of awe and solemn darkness slowly accumulates.

The dead bodies of the phagocytes thus killed are found in the pus, or matter, which accumulates in infected wounds.

Knowledge accumulates apace and its applications threaten the very existence of civilized man.

These are formed by a superficial deposit of guano which never becomes thick, for it blows away as fast as it accumulates.

Still, it is inordinately wooded, as well as full of spots where water accumulates and exhalations multiply.