Accumulations [noun]

Definition of Accumulations:

gathering or amassing

Synonyms of Accumulations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accumulations:

Sentence/Example of Accumulations:

Still, the accumulation of data about dogs provides a good foothold from which to extrapolate and reach toward answers to those questions.

Wealth accumulation in the tech world has been eye-popping during the pandemic as the shift of everything from work, shopping, schooling and entertainment online has boosted demand for digital services.

In recent years, climate warming, accumulation of dead wood on the forest floor and a buildup of small trees—which serve as “ladder fuels,” moving fire from the forest floor up into the canopy—have led to hotter, larger wildfires.

They temporarily put aside the gradual accumulation of undergraduate math and skipped ahead to the vanguard of the field.

We can build shielding that accounts for a changing environment, but not even the best models for future debris accumulation can predict everything.

The extremely slow accumulation of organic material and other sediments in this region does allow oxygen in the water to seep deep into the sediments.

They go to work every day not assuming that the accumulation of their labor will one day lead to a promotion.

This Method can be readily applied to events in ancient or modern times, or to an accumulation of facts in the sciences, &c.

If Madame Roland's letter dismissed him from office, her letter also restored him again with an enormous accumulation of power.

He simply revelled in it; not because he cared about money as such, but because the accumulation of wealth fascinated him.