Accumulator [noun]

Definition of Accumulator:

one who collects specimens

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Sentence/Example of Accumulator:

The bridge is worked by hydraulic power, an accumulator with a load of 34 tons supplying pressure water at 630 lb per sq. in.

Fig. 176 shows a diagrammatic way the scheme of a system of accumulator machinery.

Sometimes an accumulator is loaded by water or steam pressure instead of by a dead weight.

At R is one of the pressure engines or jiggers, worked from the accumulator, discharging the water after use into the tank T.

When a very great pressure is required a differential accumulator (fig. 177) is convenient.

For this reason the storage battery was called an "accumulator."

A three-way valve controls the movements of the jack and accumulator, and supplies water to the jack by a lever.

The electric accumulator or secondary battery, one of the most useful appliances, is the result of electrolysis reversed.

We might also magnetise the car, say by surrounding it with a coil of wire excited from an accumulator on board.

The Accumulator is the main register of the Arithmetic Element.