Accuracies [noun]

Definition of Accuracies:

precision or correctness

Opposite/Antonyms of Accuracies:

Sentence/Example of Accuracies:

AIs can do a good job of predicting a few frames into the future, but the accuracy falls off sharply after five or 10 frames, says Athanasios Vlontzos at Imperial College London.

Spokeswoman Nika Edwards said in an email that tenants who lose income can request a decrease in rent, but she acknowledged that HUD does not check the accuracy of rent calculations or monitor enforcement on a local level.

Endangered’s publisher, Marc Specter, notes that the game’s developers consulted with the Center for Biological Diversity to ensure scientific accuracy.

Their method may help bring about new levels of predictive accuracy, which theorists desperately need if they are to move beyond the leading but incomplete model of particle physics.

It’s advisable to check periodically for new categories that would enhance the accuracy of your listing.

For example, polls that survey more people or have a historical track record of accuracy get more consideration in calculating the average than polls with small sample sizes or polls that have been historically less accurate.

Today, computers can simulate the 3D Ising model and approximate its critical exponents to a reasonable degree of accuracy, so there’s little urgency to find an exact solution.

The description of the turntable experiment in the Rechtschaffen laboratory was revised for accuracy.

Picone offered his support to the challenge, building several sub-databases from the Seizure Corpus for various teams to develop their software algorithms on, and to test for accuracy and efficiency.

Now while we fleetingly mentioned the authentic scope of this reconstruction, the accuracy of the project is confirmed when it comes to the decorative elements, given their preserved nature in Pompeii as evidenced by archaeological surveys.