Accusations [noun]

Definition of Accusations:

charge of wrongdoing, fault

Synonyms of Accusations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Accusations:

Sentence/Example of Accusations:

This misfortune gave another opportunity to his detractors, and again the Emperor lent his authority to their false accusations.

Besides, let it once more be observed that we are not at liberty to bring forward such accusations without proofs.

Mistral disdained to reply to the storm of accusations and incriminations raised by the publication of this poem.

It disposes of the vulgar and foolish accusations of treachery launched against her by the writers of the Reformation.

Some of the accusations were probably true, others almost certainly false.

What difficulty to contend against so many strange accusations, so many suspicions of all kinds!

Shame for her unjust accusations, and remorseful gratitude pierced Ida's bosom.

And perhaps nothing contributes more to hasty accusations of ingratitude than forgetfulness of this truth.

Perhaps you have heard ladies placed under such accusations before?

When the bell called them in there were some bad bruises, and, worse still, angry looks and accusations.