Accusers [noun]

Definition of Accusers:

person laying blame

Synonyms of Accusers:

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Sentence/Example of Accusers:

The idea, here, is that a person charged with some offense tries to discredit the accuser by charging them with a similar one or bringing up a different issue altogether—none of which is relevant to the original accusation.

They also may use lawyers or legal advisers to cross-examine their accuser.

One other illustration of this keen childish dialectic when face to face with the accuser deserves to be touched on.

Any exaggeration into which a feeling of indignation happens to betray the accuser is instantly pounced upon.

As public accuser, he caused the death of immense numbers, of all ages and either sex.

Planner looked at the letter, read it—then turned his eyes mildly and reproachfully upon his accuser.

She was summoned to present herself before the Convention, to confront her accuser, and defend herself from the scaffold.

The grave has closed over accuser and accused, and the only thing that matters is that a great mind was permitted to function.

His accuser, Cyprian, still apparently a young man, was also a Roman nobleman.

Cyprian, accuser in King's Court, 267; charges others of treason, 271.