Accuses [verb]

Definition of Accuses:

place blame for wrongdoing, fault

Opposite/Antonyms of Accuses:

Sentence/Example of Accuses:

Last week, Daniel Prude’s sister, Tashyra Prude, filed a lawsuit against Rochester, Singletary and 13 other officers, accusing the defendants of a coverup of her brother’s death.

He accused career, nonpolitical prosecutors of “headhunting” high-profile targets and asserted there was danger in letting them drive decisions.

On Wednesday, Johnson accused the EU of acting in bad faith during their wider trade negotiations.

Hindenburg has accused Nikola, which went public via merger with a SPAC earlier this year, of misleading investors over the progress of its technology.

He accused Boeing and the FAA of withholding information from the families of victims in an emailed statement.

He has accused her of causing many deaths, when there have been relatively few in San Francisco.

In the previous year, three state lawmakers, all Democrats and all men, had resigned or dropped their reelection bids when it was revealed that women had accused them of harassment, assault or misconduct.

Could he be conscious of all this, and not excuse the unsteady youth—accuse himself?

He was the last man in the world to accuse of saying or doing anything merely for the sake of effect.

The blind man, missing his money, suspected who was the thief; but to accuse him would serve no purpose.